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Ryan's Story

LCSS and CHSLC have become stronger by working together to make a difference in the lives of people who need assistance. To instill altruistic values in individuals with developmental disabilities, and also give them the opportunity to make a difference in their community, is a wonderful thing. 


Ryan is proud to be following in the footsteps of his Great-Uncle George who delivered Meals on Wheels for 30 years. He loves helping people and enjoys listening to some fun tunes while he’s on the road.

Ryan has a developmental disability but Lanark County Support Services (LCSS) offers programs to him and others like him so they can develop skills that contribute to them living independently.

Through cooperation with organizations like Community Home Support Lanark County (CHSLC), Ryan is able to volunteer alongside his helper Lianna. Together, they deliver nutritious meals to local seniors who look forward to receiving a hearty meal and a warm smile from the pair.

Making the Difference in the Lives of People

By helping deliver Meals on Wheels, Ryan is improving on skills like reading and is learning the importance of being punctual and kind. He is also developing a great work ethic, which will go a long way to allowing him to live independently.

During one delivery, Ryan and Lianna had to call 911 to help a CHSLC client who was in distress. If not for their quick thinking and actions, that situation might not have had a good ending.  Showing, how everyone can make a difference in the lives of people.

Lanark County Support Services (LCSS)

LCSS offers person-directed supports and services for individuals with developmental disabilities, with an emphasis on self-determination, achievement of personal goals/outcomes, building relationships and community connection.

LCSS has a variety of programs, such as Transition Support Services to ease the transition of young adults from school to the community; Life Skills Experience and Supports; Activity Centres for seniors; Community Engagement Networking and Social Experience; Person-directed Apartment Living; and Innovative House Planning and Supports.

Ryan participates in Life Skills Experiences and Supports, which provides individuals with opportunities to become more independent in their homes, in their communities and at work through individualized planning and instruction/job coaching. Independence is fostered through a functional creative approach. Examples include cooking; budgeting; banking; personal grooming; organizational skills; literacy skills; cleaning/upkeep of personal home environments; recreational/social experiences; and travel.

Community Home Support - Lanark County (CHSLC)

Community Home Support Lanark County (CHSLC), provides services and supports including Meals on Wheels for seniors and adults with physical disabilities.  CHSLC also provide supports to those with hospice palliative care needs.  Working with organizations like LCSS, Ryan and Lianna is a great opportunity to make a difference in the community. CHSLC is always looking for opportunities to work with other

CHSLC is always looking for opportunities to work with other like-minded organizations and businesses.  Businesses that have the belief that helping those in our community is a great thing.  If you would like to discuss possible volunteering opportunities contact us at one of our offices.

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