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Help us help others!

 In one year, we served over 15,500 hot meals, made over 20,000 one-way trips and made over 7,000 visits to our clients. Your donations help make all of this happen.

Organizations like ours are always in need of volunteers and monetary donations. We have a strong group of people who are dependable, reliable, and glad to help. But, the reality is we have a lot of programs! Fulfilling the needs of each department takes volunteers with various skill sets and people who click on the “Donate” button on our website and makes a monetary contribution to our programs. We all have different skill sets, strengths, and available time that can be useful to our clients.

Your donation can help provide a meal to a senior in need or assist a neighbour with the cost of a medical trip.  Help us help others in the community by making a donation.  All donations receive an official tax receipt and all funds remain in your community.

Thank you for your help!

We are very grateful for the kind support of:

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December 2019 

Volunteer Andre

Winners of a

Maximillian's Gift Certificate

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January 2020

Volunteer Judy

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