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Meals on Wheels Volunteers Making a Difference

Did you know?

Volunteers delivered over 39,000 meals across Smiths Falls, Perth, Carleton Place and Pakenham last year. 400 + seniors and adults with physical disabilities receive nutritious meals each week.  Meals on Wheels is a service that ensures a healthy hot or frozen meals is provided to those who need help with food preparation.  Meals are prepared by local chefs in CHSLC service area and delivered by dedicated volunteers daily.

More Than Meets the Eye

Services like Meals on Wheels are much more than simply delivering a nutritious meal to the clients’ home. It also provides a daily contact and friendly familiar face.   Lois, a long- time Meals on Wheels client, had a wonderful relationship with staff and volunteers.  Lois was always first to comment on the quality of the meals delivered.  Her feedback and others are invaluable to us as we now deliver self-prepared frozen meals.  Meals on Wheels was the first CHSLC service Lois received, however, she was able to access several of our services. What Lois and her family recalled most were the lasting friendships that were developed and kept right up to the end of Lois’s life.

It is services like Meals on Wheels, Diner’s Club, Transportation and more that can help change a person’s situation.  These services help improve the quality of life and maintain independence as long as possible.

Volunteers Matter

Ryan’s story is another example how volunteers can make a difference in another’s life.  One day, while Ryan and his helper Lianna were making their Meals on Wheels delivery, they came across one of the clients in distress.  If not for their timely delivery and quick thinking calling 911, what could have been a terrible outcome for the client was avoided!

Volunteers in two organizations making a difference

Two organizations working together to help people make a difference in each other's lives.

Our clients can attest to the positive difference volunteers make in their lives.  Volunteers are, as we say, the heart and soul of our organization.  And that is why we are asking for your help today.

Volunteer with Meals on Wheels

In order, to deliver the 39,000 meals to 400 seniors and adults with physical disabilities, we need at least 26 volunteers in each of our four areas.  Many of our long-time volunteers are no longer able to help out and require the support of other volunteers to take their place.  By helping for as little as 2 hours a week, you can help give back to your community.  Be that smiling face that our clients see bringing a delicious meal to their door.

To find out how you can help,  send us an email or contact one of our offices in your community.  We have volunteer opportunities in all the service areas.

We invite you to read the many stories from our clients and volunteers that we will be sharing throughout the next several months.  As you read and share them yourselves, picture yourself in their place.  We promise you will see the difference you can make in the life of someone else.  Volunteering Matters.


Iron Kettle Meals on Wheels Volunteers

Chef Adrian (right) from The Iron Kettle! Adrian does an excellent job preparing trays of delicious food for our Meals on Wheels program.
Rick Coldrey, President of the Lions Club in Smiths Falls, spent some time in the kitchen learning tricks of the trade.