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Have nutritious meals delivered right to your home with the help of volunteers. Frozen meals are available at all locations and some locations are equipped to provide hot meals as well. Special diets may be accommodated by request. Please contact your local office for more details.   "Frozen Meals Order Form for Clients"
If you have an out of town medical appointment, we can provide a safe ride for you. Escorted transportation for local appointments is also available for those who qualify. There is a nominal cost for this service and a subsidy may be available for those who qualify.

If you or your loved one has any of the following issues, a visit for foot care with one of our registered nurses will help!

  • diabetes
  • arthritis
  • poor circulation
  • difficulty bending down
  • dry cracked heels
  • ingrown nails
  • fungal nails
  • corns
  • callus, etc.

A qualified nurse will provide you with professional foot care. Foot care is offered to individuals that are diabetic, senior citizens or anyone who has trouble bending, cannot reach or see their feet.  Services include the trimming of toe nails and attending to corns or calluses. The nurse will give you a general health assessment as well.

This service is by appointment only and is usually booked 4-6 weeks in advance.  Your first appointment is a one hour long assessment; all further appointments are a half hour long.  Fee $30.00


An increasing number of our population is coping with diabetes.  Foot health is especially important for people with diabetes because high blood sugars cause loss of feeling (neuropathy) and a decrease in circulation in the feet.  You may not feel an injury, blister, or burn on your foot or a foreign object (stone, pebble) in your shoe.

Taking care of your feet can greatly reduce the risk of problems.  Here are some tips to help keep your feet healthy:

  1. Report any changes or injuries to your health care and foot care providers.
  2. Keep your blood glucose levels in your target range.
  3. Inspect your feet daily for sores, injuries, warm areas, and change in colour.
  4. Wash your feet daily.
  5. Make sure your shoes have good support and socks that fit well.
  6. Don’t walk barefoot.
  7. Avoid crossing your legs.
  8. Avoid heating pads and hot water bottles.


  • Washing feet daily in warm water with an antiseptic soap.
  • Drying well in between the toes.
  • Using a moisturizing lotion on the tops and bottoms of the feet and around the heels, but do not put creams or powder between toes.
  • Cutting the nails following the shape of the toe.
  • Filing the nail after cutting to remove sharp edges.

For more information or to register for services, please contact your local office.

Enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal and a short social program over the noon hour. This is a great way to meet old and new friends. A nominal cost applies and transportation is available. Please call for dates and details.
This service is a brokerage arrangement offering assistance with housekeeping and homemaking chores. The service providers are screened by the agency and the fee is determined by the service provider and the client.
This service is a brokerage arrangement offering assistance with grounds keeping and home maintenance. The service providers are screened by the agency and the fee is determined by the service provider and the client.
Trained hospice volunteers give people with life-threatening illness and/or people who are dying, the chance to be cared for at home, by the people they love. We help people live out their lives in comfort and with dignity. We also give support to people who are grieving. No charge.

Our Stories

Meet Our Client – Dan

Having something to look forward to each week helps Dan get through his days as a person living with Multiple Sclerosis. Each week he meets with the Day Hospice group to share stories, has a good meal and tries new activities. Attending the program allows him to think about something other than his illness as well as connect with others. He’s always the first to crack a joke and bring our spirits up in the Perth office. He’s an inspiration to all of us and to his 15-year-old daughter who (like all teenage daughters) keeps him on the edge of his seat!  To read Dan's story, click here.

Life is far too short

We were reminded of this when we attended a wake for one of our long-time clients, Lois. She received our Meals on Wheels deliveries and was an active member of our Thursday Diners Club. Through these programs, she made friends that she connected with right up until her last days with us. Her family thanked us profusely for providing our services to Lois and others like her. The truth is, we are grateful for the opportunity to have met and experienced life with Lois. Knowing that we made a difference in her life means the world to us. Rest in peace.  Full story.

Meet Our Client – Frank!

“You need the right tool for the job, otherwise you are handicapping yourself.” ~ Frank As a mechanic for over 20 years, Frank knows how frustrating it is to work with subpar tools. The job in front of you seems impossible and overwhelming. On the flip side, investing in the right tools makes your job easier, increases your productivity and gets the job done right. For a person like Frank who lives with Multiple Sclerosis, his cane and the Hospice Day Program at CHSLC are two of the right tools for his health and well-being!  Frank's full story.