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Meet Dan in Day Hospice

Having something to look forward to each week helps Dan get through his days as a person living with Multiple Sclerosis. Each week he meets with the Day Hospice group to share stories, has a good meal and tries new activities. Attending the program allows him to think about something other than his illness as well as connect with others. He’s always the first to crack a joke and bring our spirits up in the Perth office. He’s an inspiration to all of us and to his 15-year-old daughter who (like all teenage daughters) keeps him on the edge of his seat!

Our kids teach us every day how to be better humans in this crazy world we live in. They show us compassion when we’re feeling less than lovable and they give us a reason to fight for our health and well-being. For Dan, his 15-year-old daughter is his reason to keep looking up and staying positive regardless of the impact Multiple Sclerosis has on his life.

Once a week, Dan meets with other members of the Day Hospice group in Perth. He and his family moved to Perth from Smiths Falls specifically to partake in this program. He tried out a few meetings and knew right away that this would be helpful for him. Having a group to meet with once a week helps him let go of his worries for a few hours. He is able to talk to other people that experience the same frustrations with their health. Being surrounded by people who understand your struggle is important to your mental well-being.

During our interview, Dan kept cracking jokes about seeing himself for the first time in the mirror. About 6 years ago, Dan lost his vision due to the progression of Multiple Sclerosis. For 6 to 7 weeks, Dan was without sight. Imagine not being able to see your loved ones, their smile or the sad look in their eyes that tells you something is wrong. Losing your sight is a lonely experience and nothing can prepare you for the shock.

Then, out of the blue, Dan saw a flash of light. He turned to look in the mirror and the mirror was foggy just as if he had stepped out of a steaming shower. Over time, his vision became clearer and he is happy to be able to see his beautiful daughter again.

Dan told us time and again that the Day Hospice group has been a huge help to him. It gives him a much-needed break from thinking (and worrying) about his illness. As for us at CHSLC, we love to see him coming across the parking lot on his scooter!

Dan has a few words for those you considering attending Day Hospice with us, “Do it! Give yourself something to plan for.”  For more information on our Day Hospice program (or any other services) contact anyone of our offices.